Concept Solutions is the only company of its kind that can provide you with everything you need to install a water treatment system in your home in one box. For a very competitive price you can be enjoying quality drinking water straight from your taps in a matter of days.

Concept Solutions sells a variety of domestic water treatment solutions through, including Tap Filters, Pre-Packaged Water Filters, and Whole-House Treatment Units.

  • Better Taste & Better Smell
    Our filters absorb large amount of organic molecules, thus eliminating the bad taste of chlorine in your water, leaving great tasting, perfect water for drinking.
  • Save on your costs for bottled water
    Our filters improve the quality of drinking water to meet drinking water standards, so you can have cleaner and more healthy water than bottled water for less.
  • Reducing Risk of Cancer
    By removing chlorine from your drinking water, our filters greatly reduce the risk of some types of cancer (colon, bladder).
  • Removing dangerous Contaminants
    Our filters and water filtration systems remove dangerous contaminants (Bacteria, Red Rust, Coliform Bacili, Protozoa) and leave healthy minerals in your water, which makes it perfectly healthy for drinking.
  • No Pesticides and Herbicides
    Our water filters and water filtration systems highly reduce the presence of pesticides and herbicides that can contaminate surface water and groundwater to meet Water Quality Criteria.

The water filters and water purification systems that we provide to our customers are at the cutting edge of water treatment technology that is currently available on the domestic market